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Denim is F-O-R-E-V-E-R! But if you think that you've seen and already know how they look, how they will be received, how to dress them up or down or throw something together. Well, well...Yet, there's so much more it, so much more! Be it clean and straight; washed and full; faded, studded, or shredded, you need a new jean—and possibly more than one, uhm maybe 10. hahaha! Could come in the form of a micro-skirt (if you are blessed with those long legs) or as an overall. 

It could give whole different persona in just a snap. *a rocker, a farmer, or a ’90s rapper, or send you off to work in summer’s best and most unexpected suits. So straight ahead . . . blues! Update your favorite wardrobe staple now. Because this is your lucky day!

Penshoppe has released new denim silhouettes—and they made sure they have something for everyone. From vintage slim, skinny, and super skinny for the ladies, to skinny, super skinny, carrot cut, and slim for the guys, the international brand has released a myriad of new options under its Denimlab line to appeal to a wider market and offer something to its current loyal customers.
The new silhouettes come in different colors, finishes and textures, allowing Penshoppe to literally offer something for everyone—regardless of personal style or body type. There were different cuts of denim available for each and everyone. They have more premium-looking denims now for men, with self-edge and a cleaner finish. They also now have super soft and smooth denims for women who want extra comfort or have sensitive skin. 

Denim+Jeans are essentially a sartorial safety net; a basic, a building block. The new silhouettes and collections under Penshoppe’s Denimlab line are now available at all Penshoppe branches nationwide. 
 (Drying up the painted denim jacket.)
 Here's one of the best-seller print for the denim jacket.
 Head over to the nearest Penshoppe store and have grab the newest denim silhouettes. Try out those cropped jeans and jackets. You may also have those customized pieces. 

To know more, you may visit or follow their social media accounts. You may now download the PENSHOPPE APP, available at the App Store and Google Play.

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