Anello Backpack, the Next IT Bag in Manila!

Anello Bag has finally hit the shore. The brand that offers bags that perfectly combine style and functionality for every occasion has finally arrived in the metro and it's storming the style and fashion scene. 
I know that you've spotted tons of Anello bags E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. (sigh) Sad to say, Yes, there's a lot  of "fake" Anello bags lurking  around both online and down on the street. It's like mushrooms popping and sprouting all around. But you may now burn all those fake bags because early in June this year, Anello further expanded its global footprint by opening its first store in the country, located at the third floor of SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Less than three weeks after the said event, the brand went on and unveiled its impressive 100-sqm flagship store at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. Soon after, the third branch opened in UP Town Center and just this week in Uptown BGC. 
(During the event we got the chance to have our own personalized bag tag)
Proving one and all that it has a strong fan base, even here in the Philippines, the first four branches has had an overwhelming turnout of visitors, with some traveling all the way from distant provinces just to get their hands on the brand’s fresh drops.
Plans to open stores in  Alabang Town Center and Robinsons Magnolia and more are already in the works.
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We have to admit, Anello is slaying at this bag game. The colour variations, functionality and different sizes of Anello bags never fail to impress us! Here are some of the new Anello bags with a stark contrast from the regular Anello canvas bags.

And hey, if you have watched the Kita,kita movie you've surely spotted the basic canvas Anello bags Lea (Alessandra) have been using in her everyday ganaps!  
So whether you're a commuter taking  taking the MRT , public PUVS or bus to your office? Or a weekend out with friends to a roadtrip? Take your backpack game to a whole new level with Anello! Stand out from the crowd with these grown-up back packs. 
I, myself is a big fan of backpacks even I'm already in my mid 20's. Backpacks are not just for high-schoolers. Backpack frees up your hands throughout your daily commute to do the finer things in life. It allows you to do more things and go more places. 

So here's what I've got: 
This Anello x The Emporium bag is topped with leather that looks chic, with a touch of femininity. These leather bags are sturdy with their leather straps, which will also be more comfortable on our shoulders. They also consist of numerous compartments to hold water bottle and even an umbrella. Aesthetics and functionality – that’s the best of both worlds! 
Before you go crazy looking for these new designs online, let  me remind you that your best bet is to get them directly from their newest stores and feel it yourself!  Drop by to the nearest Anello branch and grab that grown-up backpack that will carry all your things in style.

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