SkinnyTakeOn (Review): Huawei GR5 2017 – Perfect Low-cost Smartphone

Today, is a new day and here's a new post. If you get used to reading fashion and beauty related topics on my blog, this time I'll be talking about my " Skinny Take On: ______ " (blaaaaank), meaning my reviews and impressions about anything under the sun! Yes anything, even every single gadget and gizmo coming my way. But let me set things straight I'm not a savvy of E V E R Y T H I N G nor an all-knower, I will just share my plain thoughts, impressions and experiences about the new things I've got in my Skinny Mail Box so expect for a non-technical reviews. 
For the first item in my Skinny Mail Box this month, here's a new Huawei GR5 2017.  Again please don't expect for a Geeky-Geeky/ Tech Savvy Review. I'll basically discuss  things I like and captures my interest in a mobile phone.

The Huawei GR5 2017 is a great phone with a "pang-masa" price tag. It has a well-rounded blend of features to satisfy almost every type of taste out there. If you like beautiful designs, you will get them here, if you are a shutterbug, the dual camera at the back got you covered and if you are a modern nomad that stays on the road most of the time, the big battery longevity and battery saving features got your back. It's a phone that screams luxury but comes in a fair price. 

Dual-Cam Smart Phone: Be a Photographer in just a CLICK!

In the sea of smartphones out in the market, the competition is getting tougher now as brands are releasing more and more dual camera phone is.  Two is indeed better than one. Aha! Gone are the days of hiring a photographer or buying an expensive cameras. Hey there, non-pro photographers! If you wanted to click photos and capture the moments you wanted to preserve, Huawei GR5 can be a great companion. It has a powerful camera, that anyone can be a photographer and start clicking photos instantly. *point-and-click* The 2017 Huawei GR5 can get the job done for you. From wide-angle shots to artsy bokeh effects, there's nothing GR5 can't do! 
 Here's the sample shots:
8-megapixel front camera
12-megapixel rear camera with 2-megapixel secondary camera
 (The look and feel of Huawei GR5 2017)
Iconic Fashion Statement: Maharlika Feels, Girl!
But for far too many, Mobile phone nowadays is not just a tool of communication. But also an important way of conveying a statement about their personality. Whether you accept it or not, choosing a mobile phone has nothing to do with ring tones, instant messages or software (sometimes). It's about what it looks like. If it gives us maharlika feels then we go for it, without hesitation. We all want a phone with a good design with a good megapixel. Period.
An elegant and strong aluminum magnesium alloy body molded into a classic frame presents the device not only in a beautiful light but displays the exacting, state-of-the art craftsmanship it took to construct the device. A HUAWEI GR5 in your hand will always be the iconic fashion statement. - Huawei
GR5 sports a minimalistic approach to design. 2.5D glass up front, and a metal back. I love how classy and sleek it looks like. It's a head-turner device with a gold metallic back. Oooh-lala! When held in the hand, it feels like an expensive piece. Uhm!wait! just like an apple phone. yes! Maharlika feels! Just check out the pa-gold back! 

Can easily get through the day: Pang Malakasan Battery!
The battery is superb, the 3340mAh is a champ despite fitting in an 8.2mm body. Huawei has made optimizations that make battery life much better. With normal usage, this phone can take you through a day and half. With GR5's great battery life, you can take all the shots you want all day without needing to charge every so often. In case you want the battery to go even longer, there is a battery manager section under the ‘advanced settings’. It contains ultra-mode, power saving mode and protected apps, a feature that lets you choose which apps are allowed to keep running in the background. It's a perfect buddy for a busy, always on-the-go, lakwatsera, forever online blogger like me! (But be careful, Huawei phones nowadays are so sensitive with the chargers or connectors you're using. I noticed that using an original charger is far far better than using a fake one. So please take a good extra care of your cords. )

 Premium Phone that doesn't come with a Hefty price tag: In short Pang-Masa!

 To conclude my #SkinnyTakeOn the GR5 2017 it is a smartphone that screams luxury and yet comes in with low-cost price. It's good that it doesn’t brag or claim things it can't perform. Admittedly, it's not a jack-of-all trades type of a device, but instead GR5 focuses on where it’s really good at. *Good job! Team Huawei*
It has  a large battery, excellent endurance and a solid camera. So for those wanting a no-frills, no-arte  smartphone, and just want to take good photos with long battery life then this might just be the phone you’re looking for.  It’s very well worth of your every penny. 


Huawei has permanently cut the price of the GR5 2017 to just Php 11,990 from the original price of 13,990.

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