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Sometimes going to the beach is my only answer for everything. When things happening in my life are overwhelming and things in life hit me too much to do, too little time to do it; too many people making demands upon my time, all with conflicting agendas. Sometimes all I just need to slow down and catch my breath. I need to let go of all the stress that has slowly built and built inside me, day after a rough day. Going to the beach, walking barefoot on the sand, listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the heat coming from the blinding sun can fix whatever ails me and bring myself back just by closing my eyes and lying on some sand. The beach is escapism in all it’s forms: contemplative, thrill seeking, fun. Beach is a safe haven for me! It's the only place I can pause my mind from over thinking about many things.

Before the year 2016 ends, my team from Village Pipol and I was able to push through a quick year-ender getaway in an island, 5 hours away from the city! It's a freaking 5 hours butt-numbing travel but I'm not complaining at all, coz it's all worth it. Oh btw, I'm wearing my favorite beach coordinates floral embroidered from Sammy Dress.

SAMMY DRESS will be having their Valentines Sales so watch out for that!

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