Review: L'oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 24H

How do they get their makeup to stay so perfectly?

This thought have crossed my mind while watching the Miss Universe 2016. And I know, I'm not alone. If you wear makeup, then I'm sure you already know that one of the hardest things to achieve is long lasting makeup and a flawless foundation.

I've tried and tested so many foundations already. I even tried different Korean beauty items in my frustration to find the real one, the one that will match my skin and because I believe that it’s so important to get this step right because it’s always obvious when someone is wearing foundation that is cakey or isn’t the right color for their skin tone. The point of foundation is not to look like you have layers of makeup on but to help your skin look its best.

I remembered my workmate kept on telling me that my make up doesn't match my skin: Bek ang puti! Mukang ano yung fundasyown mo. It's annoying to hear comments like that, but I can't do anything coz I know that something is wrong with the make up that I'm wearing. 

I know that something is wrong so I decided to drop by to the nearest local beauty counter to check out some foundation. I was so tempted and was about to  buy the infallible pressed powder of L'Oreal that time, but someone stopped me. Uhm! Very kontrabida.  And that's my boyfriend. Haha To cut the story short I went back home empty handed. But hey! Lo and behold, it seems like the L'Oreal team been hearing my cry for a new foundation from a far. Before the year ends they sent me a new set of Infallible collection. (*Happy Kid*) I have tried using the infallible powder and became my ultimate go-to powder ever since. I'm so excited to share with you my experience and review about my *forever foundation* since I've hearing a lot of positive feedback lately! 

 My current faves! <3

I have a warm harmony skin, light-dark tan to be more specific. I have the typical Filipina skin.  I  have an acidic skin, thus, I usually purchase foundations or powder that are one shade lighter than my skin color. I have super dry and sensitive skin. In short an annoying skin condition.

Product Description:
Introducing Infallible 24H Foundation by L’OrĂ©al Paris.

24H Just Applied Finish
24H Flawless Complexion

No Transfer
No Visible Imperfections
No Visible Shine
No Dry out
No Mask Effect
Enriched with Hydrating Hyaluron + Extreme Hold Pigments for optimum comfort.
 High coverage longwear foundation that hides the appearance of fatigue and blemishes. Now with Hydrating Hyaluron Complex the 24H non-stop formula stays on and feels fresh from day to night.  For best results, dab primer across cheeks, nose and forehead. Once dry apply Infallible Foundation starting with the centre of the face and working outwards.

The L'oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation has a very nice medium but buildable coverage. With one layer, it can instantly even out my skin tone and can even mask my dark circles. I have a *bumbayin* features so I got a very dark under eye circles. It's really pigmented and has a very smooth and blendable texture. It works well with my dry skin provided I use a good moisturizer underneath. It does not feel tight. It has a semi dewy finish on my skin and has a BB cream effect. It's far better than the other foundations they've already launched in PH.  It gives my dry skin a healthy looking glow. And it's true to it's claim of long lasting coz it lasts very well on my skin and make my skin look fresh for up to 5-6 hours. This has SPF 18 but does not deliver white cast on flash photography. It also contains Hyaluron or the Hyaluronic Acid which is known for its moisturizing properties and is a key ingredient in some anti aging products. This is probably the reason why it works so well on my super dry skin. 

It has pump packaging that makes it even easier to use (and less messy).

For my final verdict:
 Full set of Infallible Collection
This is a great foundation for dry skin! In terms of consistency, texture and blendabilitty,  it is probably one of the best from the drugstore. I also love the coverage and found a shade that perfectly suits my skin tone. (Which is really my struggle! Sa wakas, I found the one! haha)
Even it's warm and muggy outside, you barely want to wear clothes, much less a full face of foundation. It's breathable and budgeproof, smooth and silky, this featherweight foundation make it easy to achieve a flawless complexion no matter how hot and humid it gets. I even tried wearing it at the beach, woohoo panalo! :) 
 I took this photo around 5:30 in the afternoon. Believe me or not I've been wearing my make-up here for almost 8 hrs with NO retouch! FTW!
 Here's a Bts of how we put this baby to test! 

Go grab yours now for only 700Php less 20% in all leading drugstore. 

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