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It's was super exciting getting invited to speak at the #KiehlsxSeries. But wait what is #KiehlsxSeries?  It's a leg of series giving bloggers and online influencers an opportunity and chance to do a **Pep Talk** about Skin routines they all have. Having a talk a one of  my dream ever since I started blogging. I can't believe it happened and it's a collaboration with one of the most trusted brand both local and international. 

(The Ira Oyco and The Skinniest Jean! Cheret!)

 Blessed are those with perfectly moistured, hydrated, dewey and radiant complexion. Kendall Jenner, Gigi hadid and The Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach in no particular order. All these three are always giving me a major envy. They often gives me a major beauty envy with their radiant complexion. Those  who simply has the most luminescent skin even without a makeup got me inspired to take my skin seriously! #GoalsForLife.But living in Tropics and the weather made it impossible to achieve all the beauty and fairness of skin. 
It got me thinking how most all of us (most definitely including me!) aren't so blessed with a ‘Gram-worthy  skin. I badly need to exert a lot of effort in making myself look Instagram-ready at every opportunity. I have to put out a real effort to make my skin look good.  
I'm definitely a make up Junkee, but every time I'll  check on make up product and i know that it's over price and just like too much money, most of the time I'll pass on it...I usually skip on that. But personally, i feel like skincare is where I'll throw all my money. Simply because skincare is one of the most important parts in the long-range total look of beauty. You can spend all your money on makeup but if you do not have a good skincare routine and if your skin isn't doing well then the make up you'll be put on top doesn't look good either.

If you do have a crappy serum or moisturizer and you're saving your money for that really pretty highlighter, skip on the highlight and buy yourself a good moisturizer or a good serum. 

When you have a skincare product that only sits on your face for just a few seconds lets just say for example a cleanser, things like that you don't have to splurge. I really recommend you investing on good moisturizers and serums because those that stands  on your face overnight and really penetrates the skin and help the skin in the inside. So you can save all your money in other areas of skincare but not in your serums and moisturizers. 

My Skin Routine Holy Grails!

Ditch that good and luxurious MAKE-UP(s)! Invest in a night repair and daily reviving concentrates.  Kiehl's Serums were designed to help repair your skin as you sleep and from the rest of your day to deliver hydration and balance to your skin.

Fortunately, you only need about 2 drops of Serums in every application. You might wonder where the 2 drops of oil have gone on your hands, but it is enough for your skin. Apply over your skin and lightly press your palms against your face. It absorbs and dries quite quickly.
Applying and using Kiehl's serums will help your skin looks visibly better and it has a velvety finished. If you're stressed out or you do have lack of sleep, Serums will make you look rested and better and feel more rested too!
The ingredients are supposed to be 99.8% natural and its paraben free and mineral oil free. These Serums boost moisture in the skin plus keeping it looking radiant sorta like an all in one if you aren’t sure what to address but want something extra for your skin.
Pros: Skin feels velvety smooth and plump, Smells wonderful and relaxing, No breakouts, Skin does look better in the morning

Cons: A bit pricey. Most especially if you are a penny pincher. A 30 ml  bottle retails at 2900 PHP. But it's absolutely worth it! 2 drops a day means one bottle will last you close to a year.

If you are fighting to get rid of your skin problem, that it may be in for a long drawn battle! Freeing your skin from it seems like a losing battle to many. can make the situation worse. It can also be very embarrassing and annoying at times. But don’t lose hope! You can banish it from your life. All you need is a little patience and an organic and trusted product that will help you out!
(Kiehl's Best Seller)

My very supportive #Hqrew. SO BLESSED TO HAVE THEM ALL!
(The Blogger and the Manager! hahah Matchy-Matchy)
(Support from Blogger Friends)

Do give it a shot and let me know if you like it as much as I do. I swear I’m addicted to the smell.

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