L’Oréal Professionnel proudly reveals the trendiest hair color this season, #FrenchBrowns by Majirel, with a grand hair show featuring a live demonstration of hair cuts and trends by L’Oréal Professionnel International Portfolio Artist, world-renowned hairstylist Berni Ottjes complimented by a fashion ensemble by celebrated designer Francis Libiran. 
They call it Je ne sais quoi—that inexplainable yet striking charm only seemingly innate to French girls—loved by all, hardly achievable by any. Call it an unstudied take on beauty, or the simple radiance brought by throwing one's cares into the wind—the French have always been one to sport an effortlessly stunning face, and even more so, nonchalantly gorgeous hair. 

Thing is, there's a hidden formula behind devil-may-care French Girl hair. It's a combination of a distinct color, cut, and style seen among the most followed French girls worldwide: a variety of brown locks, bluntly chopped and styled in a messy tousle. That's why L’Oréal Professionnel gathered the best browns of Majirel, its biggest hair color collection, to come up with a definitive selection collectively known as #FrenchBrowns.

And yes, French Girl hair can finally be achieved by Filipinas, with the local launch of #FrenchBrowns. This latest hair color collection from L’Oréal Professionnel takes from the extensive Majirel portfolio, taking its 10 most significant brown shades and infusing its original formulae with subtler reflects, to come up with a more subdued hue. The result of each of these 10 hues on the hair is a distinct brown shade with just the right amount of tame luster, nailing the irreverently subtle, effortless and elegant hair look that French girls possess.

This nonchalant yet striking quality of #FrenchBrowns make each shade visible on its wearer, while maintaining a chic sophistication that is easy to wear for everyday. In this collection of colors, subtlety is the key to elegance: French beauty draws attention by doing exactly the opposite—an unassuming, carefree hair look will nail that ineffable vibe of Je ne sai quoi. 

The ten-shade collection—unapologetically wide for a color line-up purely composed of brown—was especially gathered with the goal of making each experience as bespoke as possible to clients. Clients can choose from elegant coppers with a subtle ash, cool browns with a warm copper sheen, precise cool brown shades, and Majirel's signature browns in both cool and warm tones. Each hair color has vibrant payoff in any base shade, and offers 100 percent white hair coverage, making this look any girl's best bet for French girl hair that is au naturel. 

#FrenchBrowns come as an exclusive in-salon service done by hair experts from L'Oreal Professionnel. As a complement to its bespoke quality, each #FrenchBrown shade is applied onto clients with expert hair contouring techniques, making sure that the color, application and quality goes beyond any ordinary brown hair coloring service


The definitive sample of the effortless, natural, subtle French Girl is the Paris-born Eva Green, who is the face of the L'Oreal Professionnel Majirel #FrenchBrown collection. Once a Bond Girl and now the star of fantasy-horror series Penny Dreadful, Eva strikes with intriguingly undone beauty, which she portrays to a T as she debunks French Girl clichés in the #FrenchBrowns commercial. 

In the video, she naughtily hangs off an elevator, devours a fat slice of cake, peruses a cheeky magazine and creates rude drama on her date night, proving that French women aren't necessarily prim, diet-conscious, intellectual and romantic. Finally, the #FrenchBrowns collection is revealed, rebutting the statement "French women don't need hairdressers, " a witty take on announcing that French Girl hair can be had by anyone, after all.

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