Aveeno is Finally Here!

The wait is over – after what feels like forever, Johnson and Johnson has finally brought the nature's secret to naturally beautiful skin  in the Philippines. Aveeno,  is finally here in Manila and it's out in the market now. 
Aveeno, the no. 1 body lotion formula in the US, recently announced its official arrival in the Philippines, giving more Filipino women the opportunity to experience the naturally  beautiful skin that only Aveeno can give.

More than the largest organ in the body, the skin is also the best storyteller of a woman's journey: what she's been through , where she's been, how well she takes care of herself, and what she keeps close to her heart. With Aveeno's Active Naturals ingredients, they can have the confidence to bare their #naturallybeautiful skin stories.

For more than seventy years, Aveeno has been harnessing the power of all-natural and organic ingredients such as colloidal oats and combining them with breakthrough sciences to deliver skincare solutions that effectively cleanses, moisturizes, and protects all skin types while being gentle enough for everyday use.

Colloidal oatmeal is a rich mixture of skin transforming components found in whole oat grains, which has long been known for it's beautifying effects. It contains five vital nutrients that benefit the skin: proteins, anti oxidant, vitamins polysacchrides and lipids that relieve the skin from dryness and provides overall protection from itch and irritation.
Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Body Wash leave skin skin looking and feeling healthy and nourished, providing up to 24hrs. of long-lasting moisture with one single application for both products. In just two weeks of continous usage, it is clinically proven that your skin will have stronger resistance from dryness, scaling and roughness. Dermatologists highly recommend fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic skin-care products like Aveeno to remedy such skin conditions.

Aveeno is backed by years of research to ensure that we deliver on our promise of providing deeply satisfying skin wellness solutions," said Johnson and Johnson Philippines Senior Brand Manage for Aveeno, Paul Dizon. " By combining nature and science, we are able to help women restore their skin's health and reveal the most beautiful versions of themselves."

For it's official launch in the Philippines, J&J invited proud AVEENo uses Nikki Gil-Albert, Christine Jacon-Sandejas and Jaymie Pizarro to join the celebration and share their own naturally skin stories.

Every woman has her own skin story to tell, just take it from these three naturally beautiful ladies. See the Aveeno Active Naturals difference and make your own story to #naturallybeautiful. Aveeno is available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. 

What's your skin story to tell?

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