Mermaids Cradle up North| LSirene Boutique Resort

Like sailors to a siren, I am really drawn to the fishy femme. The beauty and the grace are what interested me at first, but it has become something I have an almost obsession with at this point.  It felt like that there's a sleeping mermaid inside of me wanted to come out to lure and swim around. But don't worry I had no intention of getting surgery to become part fish. I  just got so fascinated with anything mermaid at this point. 
Few weeks ago my blogger friends and I got invited to L'Sirene Botique Resort in Baler. From the name itself you already got an idea of what this boutique resort will be. And Yes, you're all right! L'Sirene, is a boutique resort inspired by these beautiful legends. Just like my obsession, the owner couldn't resist the lure of mermaids. She fell in love with the romance and whimsy of mermaids and came up with the idea of buying a piece of land near the sea and build a mermaid's cradle in the heart of the "birthplace of surfing in the Philippines", Baler.
Everybody's Gone Surfing
Brace yourself for the W I L D waves!
Of the numerous water-based activities to participate in Aurora, Baler the is most well known for it's surfing. Over the years, many professional surfers have made it their home. The waves range from beginner to advanced depending on which part of the beach you are. My friends and I, wanted to experience the waves but we are to afraid of surfing so we just literally catch the waves instead. We run towards it! haha We let our childish ways out for a day at the beach! We experienced being caught up and washed out by the wild waves. L'Sirene also provides surfing lessons for those who want to experience the waves that Baler is known for. Surf's up,Fins up!

Mermaids Cradle
If you're a non-surfer and looking for a quieter spot to relax? Try L'Sirene for a more secluded experience. It's a place where you'll find peace in the cozy little mermaids cradle.  You still have things-to-do in the resort even you're not brave enough to ride the waves. You can take unlimited photos in the insta-worthy spots in L'Sirene and feel the sand on your tails, have a splash in the pool and lounge with other merfolk (as what they call the visitors.)  It's located few miles away from the crowded beach front of Sabang (where most of the surfer and non-surfer catches the huge wild waves.)
Small plates, Big Flavors
After a long day of swimming and surfing, there's nothing small about your appetite. But you won't want to miss the plate at Hungry Mermaid, a hippie restaurant known for it's relaxed atmosphere and delish dishes.
Stay Here
Your mermaid adventure awaits. Experience Baler with L'Sirene - Nightly Rates Start At PHP5000‎
I fell in-love with the theme and feel of the place. I swoon over everything. The rustic feel of the room and comfy bed will invite you to snooze in. 
Instagram-Worthy SPOT(S)
If you’re looking to step up your Instagram game, I highly recommend you visiting the L'Sirene. You'll surely capture gorgeous photos and make your friends green with envy. But hey,  you don’t even need to be a pro photographer to capture the moments in this Boutique resort.

Visit this posh surfing resort owned by the sexy mermaid, Sam Pinto.

L'Sirene: A Boutique Resort is located in Brgy. Reserva, Baler.

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