Sunsilk | Achieve that Hair Goal in 3 Easy Steps

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Grls! Grls! Grls! How many endless pictures all over the internet of length crushing hair have you lushed over, fantasizing about the moment when you've finally reached your hair length goals but let’s be real, keeping your eyes on that prize can be every bit as frustrating, so frustrating as actually waiting for your hair to grow a couple of those precious inches, especially when you want your hair goals TODAY! 

So, if you don’t want to spend years on wasted efforts and you actually want to achieve your hair goals today, here are 3 things that you need to do.

Take Care of your Hair: First thing's first! Nothing helps you reach your hair goals faster with fewer setbacks than healthy hair care practices such as reducing or eliminating heat, sealing, moisturizing (watering), use of silk pillowcase or scarf, patience while detangling and styling, low manipulation, product usage, etc. Also as I always enforce, what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on or do to your hair topically. Remember “healthy” hair starts from the inside so watch your diet and stress levels.

Have a regimen: A regimen is simply a plan of action for your hair. When creating your regimen, you will need to factor in the products you’ll be using in your hair, when you’ll be using them, how you’ll be using them and how you’ll be using them.

Your regimen should have at least a 4-week plan on how you’ll be taking care of your hair and it should be easy enough for you to follow and be consistent with.

Achieve Habacadra Hair with Sunsilk:

Grls. Please be reminded that it helps to not purchase every product that comes out on the market but rather come up with your core products or your holy grail list that you can pick from depending on the style you choose.

I highly suggest that you include the Sunsilk Strong & long shampoo in your daily routine. It will help you sport any hairstyle or goals you ever wanted just like Kathryn B.

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