Japan's Leading Eyewear Brand OWNDAYS Now In Manila!

Largest optical chain from Japan Own Days is now in our shore. Maybe you've seen and noticed this eye-wear store popping in different leading malls. I've seen some of their branches around the Metro (Glorietta, Landmark and Uptown Mall).  And an additional store just recently launched at the Estancia Mall.

Amidst the fashionable and on the radar bloggers & influencers is the  OWNDAYS CEO Mr. Shuji Tanaka and Managing Director of Sungears Sales Inc. Mr. Vohne Yao:

“We have hundreds of styles, but function is always at the heart of every pair,” shares Yao. “We have 20 brands under OWNDAYS, and each brand has its distinct characteristic.” " We bring Owndays here to really change the optical gaming"

But how are they really going to change the game? (There's a lot of reason why. So let me break it down to you.)

1. They have a wide variety of frames from basic and function to stylish and fashion forward. No matter what fashion taste you have, Owndays got you.

2. They offer budget friendly pair of specs. Price ranges from 2990~6990. No additional fee for ultra thin lenses, regardless of the high degree!The price systems of conventional spectacle shops were not simple enough to understand for customers: some additional fees were hidden.OWNDAYS makes the price system simple and easy to understand – we offer ultra thin lenses for no additional fee, no matter how high the degree is. The fee you are charged for a basic pair is as indicated on each frame in the shops.
3.Your pair is ready in 20 minutes after purchase.(Oooh! It's really a Japanese brand.) Your time, the importance of time really matters to them.They are dedicated in bringing a speedy service as they know your time is valuable.

Aside from those reason what I love the most about Owndays, you can conveniently touch and try the pairs with their wide open store concept design.I got a little bit gaga because have 1500 styles from in-house brands to choose from! So lets define an spectastic eyewear haven! 

Coz we can' decide which one to pick and take home!

Don’t hide behind your glasses. Choosing the right frames can really show off your best features. Find your own pair of frames at OWNDAYS stores and learn more about their simple price system! Come visit their shop to find your perfect pair of glasses today.

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