#LazadaOnlineRevolution : The Skinniest Jean's Holiday Gift Guide

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you are having a great pre-Christmas week! Can you believe that we're only few days away from Christmas day? wuhooo! I got to Cavite (our home) on a Sunday and (as usual) I got tons of pending tasks to do up until this moment. I'm always so crazy busy catching up and working on my due-dates when I come back here (not a good thing, though! I tend to be paralized when I'm in Makati coz I don't have a stable net connection yet!) so everything tends to pile up.

Shopping for the busy babe in your life? Personally, I'm a fan of online shopping during the holiday season because the crowds in store/shops and malls can get out of hand.(labanan at matinding sagupaan toh for sure!) That's why one of my favorite is to shop online and take advantage of online deals. I'm naturally a big fan of searching the world wide web for outfits and gift ideas, especially with free 2 day shipping or next day (yes I'm the girl who pays for this) plus discounts ha! 

A lot of you might be a little unsure  or maybe HATE online shopping because you have to try things on. What most of us forget is that many sites are totally cool with that! You can return free pretty much everywhere. It's pretty easy. Just like with my experience from Lazada. I bought an action camera. I like how fast the delivery was but after 3 days, it wasn't turning on and totally blackout. What I did was to call them and return the item right away. (It was actually in the waybill. *The what to-do's when the item isn't working or if there's any defect.)

I say all of this because when you shop online you not only find cooler, more different pieces, but you can usually get a better deal, too! I encourage you to get out of your box and try it and join the #LazadaOnlineRevolution. It's easy, you can do it in your pjs on the couch, and you can find cooler and pocket-friendly things. Where do I sign up, right? Ha! Oh, and @LazadaPH.com is having a ridiculously good sale, too. My wallet hates me and yours is about to. Sorry and you're welcome! ;)

BTW, the quick gift guide to help you take the guessing out of what to buy for your brother and sisters can be found above. ( VR box, classic family computer, Anastasia Bronzer palette, 3 in 1 curling wand & perfume.) Not to mention, all of these products are available on Lazada , you can get them within 2 days!  (plus they deliver early morning! Haha  

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