What I Wore: E! Blogger's Ball

Well, Well, E! Blogger's Ball just flew by quickly. But what had happened was simply one of a kind experience for me, though nothing special really happened. I just can’t get over the glitz and glamour of me being surrounded with beautiful and fashionable crowd. 

         "Let me share a little drama before my OOTD POST. hehe Something popped in my mind that night, it was a picture of me praying to God few years back to open doors of opportunities for me and my blog. I can't even count how many brands have trusted me, how many people believed in me and of course those people who belittled me (Thank you for making me strong. I'm striving hard to make my dreams happen.)"

I'm a type of person who loves watching old films with scenes of celebrations and sometimes it creates the longing to have been a part of a time when exquisite balls held in elaborate palaces were the norm. Luckily, a modern ball exist that evoke those same feelings of grandeur and high society. I was lucky enough to be part of it and sashay the red carpet. Blogger's Ball is absolutely one the most exciting point in my fashion diary. 

But of course like any other, there’s one question circling around my mind before the ball: “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??” “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??” “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??" Seriously! I was in a greater degree of panic than usual because in this event, what you wear and glam look really matters. And that's when a major  search operation happened. I did a nonstop search in IG and social media sites. I even send out pull-out emails left and right. And then finally a blessing came, a young designer said yes to me and granted me with a customize dress that I wanted. (Will do a seperate post about Patricia Syquiatco. She deserves nothing but the BEST!)
Originally, Patis wanted to make a dress for me. Since it's a Ball, I knew for sure that ladies will be wearing their best dresses and stunning Gowns. You know me loves, I always wanted to make "agaw-eksena" and "paandar" scenes, so I asked her to design an all-white cape jumpsuit instead of a traditional dress/gown for a ball. I let do her thing and magic in designing the jumpsuit I wanted and tadaaaaaaaaaahhhh....  

She created a jumpsuit with lighter-than-air frothy caped look. The exact jumpsuit I was dreaming of!!!!! AHHHHH! <3
HMUA: Your's Truly (thanks Maybelline, Loreal and AltheaKorea. haha)
Earings: Daiso (44 PHP)
Caped Jumpsuit: Patricia Syquiatco #WearPatis

I looked absolutely spectacular in my jumpsuit that night. Chic and refined with a hint of drama, plenty of romanticism and of course a touch of boobage. 

Let me know about your Ball ready look.

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