BLK513: Things You need to Know About Black Yoghurt!

I'm a slave to sugar, resisting a pint of ice cream, a bag of gummy bears, or a bar of chocolate is no easy task — and it seems that my weakness is not being able to get enough of the sweets. From chocolate bars, candies to ice creams and cakes. And yeah, I think I have a golden sweet tooth! (wow! Is there such thing as Golden sweet tooth ? haha)

I know some people might raise their brows with me right now coz they don't taste sugar and sweet stuff the same way or maybe they can't have any sweets for some medical or health issues. Yes! Yes! I got it, I understand and I knew a place that got you, your taste bud(s) and your health concerns as well. BLK 513 won’t let the threat of sugar-related health issues and buried sweet tooth scare you away from having their signature frozen yoghurt.

What is BLK513?

BLK 513 is a new dessert destination and take note of this, the first ever establishment in the country to offer fro-yo that enhanced with activated charcoal (We'll talk about that in a bit!). Made only of premium gluten- free yoghurt imported from the US.

What makes it BLK(black)?
It gives these yoghurts their deep dark hue due to Activated charcoal, which is the by product of burning coconut shells, wood, or other plant materials. If that sounds dangerous to eat, don't worry: charcoal made from coconut is harmless, and is different than consuming food that has been charred or burnt. 

Why Go for BLK?
BLK315 is not your typical dessert. It's made of a special kind of charcoal that's been heated to create millions of nooks and crannies where toxins are later on trapped for easier removal from the body. Each serving of Dark skim yoghurt contains millions of activated charcoal particles, probiotics and other nutrients that not only  rid the body of unwanted toxins, but also help lower bad cholesterol levels, and promote development of healthier digestive and immune systems.
This is the best way to indulge yourself with a cup of dessert that won't give you any headache or make you suffer from sugar-probs but will surely give a little and tolerable stomachache after, coz you know it will help you digest things inside you instantly. (So be ready!haha) Have a cup and the next day morning you'll feel different! (I promise, it's really different)

The Cheat Sheet
You'll see a lot of options to put in your cup. You'll see a lot of crunches (btw, Fool's Gold is my fave! It's like a breaky cereal but oh so crunchy!), lots of fruits and syrups! So please don't panic!
BLK 513 serves their Dark Skim Yoghurt in two ways, wither a cup or  a cone. A Dark Skim Cone somes with your choise of one free crunch , one fruit (whichever is in season) and a handmade signature sauce (Go for Matcha! Green is love! haha). Getting a cup version will give you pretty much the same thing but more yoghurt and the addition of one more kind of fruit.

But hey, if whipping up delightful yoghurt + fruits combo isn't your thing, worry not; they have these bottled Skim(s) in Matcha and Mocha. If you're into green tea just like me, guys this Matcha Skim is the best I've had so far!

Matcha and Mocha Skim is only for 140PHP
Matcha is delicious to drink, both energizing and relaxing at the same time and extremely high in antioxidants.
Where can I whip a BLK315 frozen yoghurt?
Visit BLK in SM Megamall, Sm North Edsa and S'Maison in Conrad Hotel.
BLK513 is not just a tummy friendly delightful dessert in a cup but also a grammable place to be. I like the concept and interior of the shop. They step-up the game by giving us a visually-appealing, happy-tummy treats and a grammable place to stay at. What is #FeedPerfect, right? :)
So stop stalking @BLK513 or checking out #BLK513 for a sugar rush. Jump in your car, book a GRAB or hop into a Jeep or a bus and head over to the nearest BLK513 store. You deserve a healthy, indulging sweet treat. 

Embrace the dark side and do your  body some good. 

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