I've been into a lot of events these past few months but giving an opportunity to attend a Christ-centered event would definitely the BEST. I had this chance coz I got invited by LIGHT Network! (whaaaata blessing!)

Last year, (I guess) when the news broke out that Citipointe will be having a one night, WORSHIP Concert in Manila my heart got filled with an overflowing of joy. Their music instantly became my anthem for Jesus! Their songs simply speak out and voice out what I really want to sing for Jesus.  Simple and direct to the point lines and verses and it speaks of who God is and their desire to see the nations and the earth to worship their creator. They make a new sound from heaven! 

 Citipointe LIVE was a breath of fresh air to me. I've been into darkest days of my life before the concert happened. I was stressed out, been upset, down and sad lately. There were things kept running on my mind that only the presence of God can wash away. 

Their line up didn't fail me. 99.9% of the songs are familiar to me. The intensity and the atmosphere just to be in the presence of God was so real. I freely sing my heart out and let all my worries be lifted up to God that moment. I emptied my heart and my mind that moment so God could enter and penetrate to touch my thirsty soul!

If you haven't heard about Citipointe LIVE whether you're a believer or not their music will be a good jam for you. Here's the line up of their songs you better listen to them now:

Presence Power Glory (Wildfire) 
Greater Is (Wildfire)
Commission My Soul (Commission My Soul)
Heart Open Wide 
Wildfire (Wildfire)
Break The Silence
Name of Jesus (Devoted)
Devoted (Devoted)
Burning Bright (Into The Deep)
Into The Deep (Into The Deep)
The Overcomer (Into The Deep)
You Reign
Our God Reign
On Top of the World

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