Best Romoss Power Banks for Every Busy Girl On the Go

For every busy gal with no time to spare or anyone who uses a smartphone knows the importance of carrying a backup power bank. And worst if you're like me, you're constantly low on battery. It's a nightmare seeing a **5% battery ** warning on your phone screen and not having a power bank with you. It's a complete chaos. (Shocks!). Our lives, work & business depends on our phone. It have made our life simpler. Everything under the sun is available to us at a touch. It, therefore, comes as no surprise, that for some of us, smartphones are more than just phones, they are our lives (or rather the center of it) – then you may be in need of a power bank or portable charger to keep your phones, tablets and other devices up and running on the go.


So here's the list of Romoss Power banks you badly need in your life. We all want better battery life and I bet this can be one of the best gifts you could buy for your beloved ones this Christmas or even for yourself. We are always running out of imagination and we are worried about not choose the right gift, so get ready and grab some ideas. 

Romoss Longuard SE10+

The Longuard SE10+ is definitely the most compact of all the power banks that Romoss has. Perfect for the times you're too lazy to bring heavy duty powerbanks. It has a black matte overall finish, which feels smoother than the sandblasted texture. This is actually my fave one to carry with me.

Romoss Longuard SE10+:

10,000mAh battery
5V-2A/9V-2A, 5V-2A/9V-2A input
2x 5V-3A or 9V-2A or 12V-1.5A 1x 5V-2.4A Output
1x Micro USB port
1x USB Type-C port
1x USB Type-A port
1x USB Type-A port
Rated Power: 36Wh/3.6V
103 x 61 x 30mm
PR mass: 306g
Actual mass: 307g

The Sense 8 Plus is basically the Sense 8 but with improved features like the Sense 6 Plus. It has two USB type-A output ports (Double Lightning and Fit) and a bi-directional (input and output) USB Type-C Fit port. Lastly, there are two input ports (Lightning and micro USB).

Romoss Sense 8 Plus:

30,000mAh Li-Po battery
5V-2.1A (Lightning), 5V-2.1A or 9V-2A (Micro USB), 5V – 2.1A or 9V-2A (USB Type-C) Input
2x 5V-1A or 12V-1.5A, 1x 2.1A Output
1x Lightning port
1x Micro USB port
1x USB Type-C port
1x USB Type-A port
1x USB Type-A port
Rate capacity: 19,500mAh
Ten-Layer Smart Protection Design (Overcharge, Over-discharge, Over-current, Power-surge, Temperature, Short Circuit, Recovery, Anti-reverse, RFI, Reset)
Rated Power: 111Wh/3.7V
167 x 80 x 32.88mm
PR mass: 671g
Actual mass: 670g

Romoss LT-20
The Romoss LT-20 is a 20,000mAh power bank that has a unique design compared with the other power banks in the lineup. It has a LED display (black-colored area) with a glossy finish while the rest of the body has a sandblasted texture to avoid scratches. 

Romoss LT-20:

20,000mAh Polymer battery
3x DC 5V-2.1A Input
5V-1A, 5V-2.1 Output
1x Lightning port
1x USB Type-C port
1x Micro USB port
2x USB Type-A port (output)
LED display
Scratch proof
Protections: Overcharge, Over-Current, Reset, Over-discharge, Voltage-Surge, Power-surge, Temperature, Short Circuit, Recovery, RFI protection
Rated Power: 74Wh/3.7V
167 x 82.5 x 23mm
PR mass: 472g

Actual mass: 471g
Romoss Sense 6P

ROMOSS Sense 6 with 20000mAh ultra-high capacity can charge iPhone 9-10 times,and can charge no matter how much capacity tablet.This is the Newest released Romoss Portable Emergency Universal USB externer battery charger power bank.and it is compatible with almost all smart phones and other digital device.Its compact and ultra long-lasting backup battery will let you carrry the power source where ever you go.It is the ultimate power source. 
Romoss Sense 6 :

Dual output with 1 fast charging 2.1A port
20,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery capacity
Input: DC5V 2.1A / Dual Output, 1.DC5V 1A, 2.DC5V 2.1A,
Power: 21W Max.
Charging Time: 26 hrs (13 Hours if using Romoss AC12 iCharger 2.1A Adapter via outlet)

If your current one is not enough. It's about time to check out the list of Romoss power banks that are high-capacity but still worth your every penny as they are worth under a grand.

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