Audley Stylejam Series Unboxing and First Impressions

I couldn't live without music. Ehem! Who else could? I bet NO ONE. Just imagine Facebook without any notification, that's how terrible life without a MUSIC. Music plays a great role in our daily lives. And today I'll be introducing a stylish headphone that can be a fashion statement and a travel essential, the Audley Style Jam series!
Let's just say that your bags are packed (on-point swimmies, knitted hat and flip-flops included) itinerary all planned out and you're good to roll. The only thing left to do is get your on-the-go headphone and create a killer playlist, because no adventure is complete without some sick beats (like LANY on repeat). Headphones are a travel necessity and, with the right pair, a travel accessory too. A sleek and stylish design can make any outfit cooler, while keeping you entertained with high-quality sound.  Headphones earn major MVP status when it comes to travel. Yas! Nothing can turn your butt-numbing layovers and excruciating bus rides into a music festival.

Man, I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS AUDLEY. It has luxurious cushion and an immersive audio that wrap around my ears. I have a Coloud headphone in black and I would say that this Audley got the same sound quality with that one. It has a premium sound that worth a thousand bucks. But hep, hep, hep this one only is so affordable! Impressive quality but will surely won't hurt your pocket.

Gone are the loud colors and bold headphones era. The new design is more elegant and understated. I love it's pink blush tone and it's right on cue for summer, this headset is guaranteed to put a major spring in your step the second you pop ’em on. Just turn up your playlist and you’re good to go. So girly and perfect for my remaining beach travel this summer.

If you’re shopping for a new pair this Summer, and looks matter, try out this Audley Style Jam series for the style-conscious. As a bonus, it has a great sound, too. Grab yours now, ladies!

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