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Have you ever thought why there are people tend to buy luxury goods and doesn’t care about the hefty price tags on it? Oh well, that’s how much they value themselves. Having luxurious and splendid symbols for themselves matters the most. In fact, buying a luxury handbag these days seems to be no more uncommon than purchasing a pair of shoes at SM. Simply because the physical appeal of luxury goods is undeniable – the leather is softer, the shoes are more comfortable – but the price tag is often off-putting at times.  But more than extravagance, true luxury often equates to comfort and convenience. Manila’s elite understand this concept well.
Individuals born into grandiose lifestyles consider every hour they spend focusing on things that matter, a part of the finer things in life. The affluent are known to subscribe to concierge services that offer them services that exceeds even their most discerning expectations. 

This is, in fact, the essence of luxury management, a service perfected by local boutique retail service provider Shopper’s Alley. Jovy Robelas, CEO of Shopper's Alley explained that Shopper’s Alley is the gateway to every in-season high-street designer staple people desire, ranging from shoes, jewelry, watches, bags, or more.Whatever items you have in mind. Whether  it's from a magazine, on television, or online, Shopper's Alley can have that item purchased and sent straight to your doorstep. More than that, they also provide shopping recommendations based on quality, craftsmanship, and trends. They will carefully curate luxury items for you. They will make it sure that it will be worth all your pennies!

Touring the Globe In Search of Luxury
Shopper’s Alley’s luxury managers are set for departure each month to help clients unbox designer items exclusively sourced straight from the runways & window displays of fashion capitals around the world. * Oh what a job !*

“One of the prestigious fashion neighborhoods we source designer items from is the ultra-exclusive Parisian quarter of Avenue Montaigne Paris,” says Jovy. “It’s where we shop for the latest designer items from fashion institutions like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior, CHANEL, and a lot more.” Milan's luxury shopping district Via Montenapoleone is another luxury stop Shopper’s Alley visits yearly, in their quest to scour the globe to help clients update their collections.

Another one of their stops is Madison Avenue in NYC, which is home to the Big Apple’s most extravagant brands. Beneath the city of Westminster in London lies Old Bond Street, a well-known shopping hub that designer brands like Burberry, Tiffany, De Beers, Cartier, Gucci, and Saint Laurent call home. Lastly, Japan's biggest luxury shopping and entertainment district, Ginza is home to flagship stores of the world’s most renowned upscale brands. 

Experience Luxury at its Finest

What’s great about Shopper’s Alley is the fact that they source their goods straight from flagship stores where the particular brands originate from. This ensures the item’s quality, authenticity, and competitive pricing. “We get our Hermes and LV items from Paris, while the Burberry ones come straight from London, for example,” Jovy adds.

From the new elite to the capable, successful, and the up & coming, hundreds of satisfied clients have already splurged on the best designer deals, all at the touch of a button, with the help of Shopper’s Alley.

“Do you have your sights set on a designer item? Let us know and our luxury managers will help you source it from the most upscale boutiques around the globe,” Jovy invites. “We are, after all, experts in helping your nurture your taste for timeless luxury, craftsmanship, and design.”

The luxury item, once owned, is a convenient reminder of one’s self worth. It's a symbol to themselves of how much they value themselves. It can be a reward to themselves on a personal achievement of success. In short it varies on how we perceive it, but here in Shopper's Alley they care about giving you the right help and to provide you an expert piece of advice about the luxurious item you've been eyeing for the longest time.  Yes we all have the will and power to buy all the things we like but that doesn't mean that we'll buy just anything.

Shopper's Alley, your one-stop shop for your favorite brands's latest collections, brand new items, pre-loved items and a lot more! Check out this latest shop. 

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