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Althea Korea never fails to spoil me! Ahhhh! Got so lucky to be treated like a princess with their pink boxes.** woot woot**  Today is an unboxing of this Althea's Cute box, the second installment to their curated boxes. I know that it's a little late and it took me quite sometime to unbox, I am buried with tons of pending tasks for both work and personal life (wow! personal life! Hahaha) but but but... It's better late then never eh! 
I got some few reasons why I'm sharing this unboxing ( even a tad bit late. haha)1) First, it's still up and available 2) I thought that those of you who didn't order it might want to see what's inside and3) If Althea curated box(es) are all worth buying.

So let's take a look at this box:
Ooh~hoo! Cuteness overload!
First of all, the Althea box is without a doubt the girliest, the pinkiest and the *Kikay(iest) box an Asian girl could ever have. There is no inner box--the shipping box is the only box but relax and don't worry coz they always (always) send out items in nice sturdy boxes, they're all wrapped by just one sheet of bubble wrap and with not so much tape (like how local shipping companies will do) that it's easy to manage and remove. 

 Since it's a late unboxing I'll be putting s much effort to it. I'll be arranging the curated pieces from the cutest to the not-so-cute just to give the idea of the whole box.

Top on the list is this cute pikachu cushion blusher and I can't~I can't resist the cuteness. Gaaaah! *Pika-Pika* ( I can hear Pikachu's tiny cutie voice. hehe) Come on who doesn't love Pokemon? Pikachu is our all time favorite, right? This Pikachu Mini Blush is definitely a must in your makeup collection. I love how handy it is in size. The coral shade is natural looking as it is a cushion type of blush and blends out to natural flush . A *Pika-Approve* from me!
There's also Pokeball inside. Cutie! (I also love the sweet, tutti fruity smell of this blusher)

P-P-A-P !! I have a pen, I have an apple. *Ahh* Pen pineapple, apple pen!
So this what came instantly popped in my mind when I opened the box. What a  cutie Apple Hand Cream from Tony Moly! The other fruits in the basket like the apple lip balm and mango hand cream from Tony Moly are available on the site. 
The next item is a bag of makeup sponges from Abbamart. Ahh! Who'll say NO to pink hearts  ladies?? This heart shaped puff is ideal to set under eye concealer and for a better application around the nose area and those hard to reach places. It can be split into two, so all and all you will get 20 puffs in one purchase, what steal!
It's a floral powdery scented pressed powder, but with a cute design on the powder. Yas! Cute!
Sebum control powder
But this product is not for Morena girls like me coz it's too light (oops!) too white for my skin. I tried and tested it and it turned out na I looked like Espasol with so many powder! yum! In short, not a fan of this!
I'm an avid fan of Disney. All characters are adorable. This watery tint from THEFACESHOP is my all time favorite, if I'm feeling a little simple and girly I just add a little tint. It's long-lasting, easy to wear and gives a natural effect. Go get  it!
Pastel colors pink and blue are both cute, girly and feminine thumbs up for this. But what I like most about it is it's handy and smart. 
4 Lacquers in 1 block. Love it.

Cute rainbox colored lip mask. It's a famous mask both in Japan and Korea. They are all getting gaga about it, so I'm glad that I'll be able to try it out. I have a very dry, cracked lips and this product is very helpful.

I don't find the packaging really cute but I like how cute it is in size. It's handy and very useful.

Althea Cute Box retail at 1400PHP per box but has a real retail value of Php3500 so it's really a good deal for make up junkees and good thing that it's back in stock. It's worth all the penny you pay. We don't need to visit our local beauty store just to check if there's a wild sale going on, because by simply purchasing a box you already got tons of items at discounted rates. Double up your time with Althea Boxes! They sell out so fast. 

Did you order this Althea Cute Box? If so, were you happy with your package? I would love to hear from you!

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