Starting the Year Off Right| CBTL™ Giving Journal 2017

I’m not an organization nut, and over the years I've never had any daily/weekly/monthly planner. I knooooow, there are tons of important dates and events to remember, and frankly, I  always always end up lost without one.  Haay! There's an instance that I missed attending event coz I'm out calendar. Alright, I'll admit I ain't good in time management. I don't get a lot done. I'm not like others who are fairly efficient. I don't make lists and check things off. I'm a type of person who keep my wheels spinning without a concrete planning, scheduling and even prioritizing. And because of that I feel frustrated by all that things left undone. I ended up doing the things I SHOULDN’T have and less and less of the things I SHOULD have done.

As a blogger and a content writer for a magazine, right now before this year ends I fully understand the value of planning. My busy life puts me in the position where daily and weekly planning are essential to create enough time to joggle blogging, attending events, my work and keep to the money rolling.
This coming year of 2017, I wanted to start things off right. I know that Time management is a challenge even for the most talented and motivated people. But I badly need to discipline myself in order to cope up. I need to learn planning my days and weeks carefully to include time for my self, loved-ones and money-making biz, of course. This will definitely allow  me to create a clear path for myself that maintains a healthy balance of work-play and blogging commitments.  And of course I should start having an old school paper planner by my side in the digital age. 
 I personally think physical "old school paper" daily planners I can write on are the best. They are something I have to tangibly touch and write in each day that teaches great organizational tips and gives practice for recording down important things. And the CBTL planner can be a very good choice if you're planning to purchase or have one.

As we ink the final pages of 2016, we look forward to the possibilities that lay ahead of us.As the Christmas season approaches and a new year draws near, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® reminds us that life is not about what we amass for ourselves, but about how we can share our gifts, talents, and time with others. From October 22 onwards, customers can already begin their Giving Journey as the collecting of stamps for the 2017 Giving Journal commences in all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores.

The  CBTL™  2017 Giving Journal is available in  4  colors—rose,  purple,  gray,  and  turquoise,  the  Giving  Journal is  a useful  planner  and  a  medium  for  generosity  where  you  can begin  writing  the beautiful story of your own Giving Journey. 

Through  the  2017  Giving  Journal,  you  empower  scholars  by giving  them  gift  of education  through  the  Real  LIFE  Foundation,  the  Giving  Journal’s  beneficiary since  2011.  By  supporting  their  educational  needs,  you  bring them  one  step closer to achieving their goals, enabling their dreams to take flight. Begin your Giving Journey by giving the gift of education this holiday season. 

May the Giving Journal proves me just how rewarding a little planning really can be.

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