FitFlop Partners With Habitat For Humanity To Raise Money And Awareness

If you’re anything like me, the word “advocacy” might seem unfamiliar, confusing and downright intimidating. To be honest I've never joined or got any involvement in any organization that has an advocacy in helping those people in need or those who are less fortunate just like Habitat For Humanity. Yes, I do have ideas on what they really do or what business do they have but I've never had any chance in taking part. I haven't tried any volunteering activity ever since. But not until the day Fitflop made me experienced last November 16, how it feels like to be a Habitat Housing Hero for a day.
 I went there with the community of Fitfloppers (as they call themselves), group of people who loves Fitflop(s) to the point that they have and own 50 or more pairs each. They responded with call of helping others by joining the volunteering activity. Aww!
The world is experiencing a global housing crisis 1.6 BILLION people globally live in substandard housing
32 % of the global urban population live in urban slums
100 MILLION are homeless, according to the United Nations

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY help families build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter in 70 countries. Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage.

Love and Hope are the two best things we could give others this merry season. And in Fashion-comfort brand Fitlop they just don't say it but immediately take action to prove it by simply giving back.  FitFlop is helping put a roof over people’s heads and shoes on their feet.

A superwoman knows how to make her feet happy while making other people happy too. Buy a pair and $20 of it goes to Habitat for Humanity. Sounds like a great idea, right? :) 
 Here's the full LOVE & HOPE collection:
The U.K.-based company (Fitflop) is donating money from the sale of its footwear to Habitat for Humanity. The project kicked off in June with a special-edition Love & Hope flip-flop that incorporates the two meaningful words into the sandal design. While the right shoe says love, the left says hope.

The perfect pair of playful canvas flip-flop style sandals – one spells love, the other, hope – on our original, unbeatably comfortable cushioned midsoles.  Choose from fun or classic colours.    

A special edition sandal with  every pair sold, $20  is being donated to HABITAT FOR HUMANITY.

In nude.
FitFlop’s Love & Hope sandals for Habitat For Humanity.
Courtesy of brand.
 In Raspberry...
FitFlop’s Love & Hope sandals for Habitat For Humanity.
Courtesy of brand.
In Blue...
FitFlop’s Love & Hope sandals for Habitat For Humanity.
Courtesy of brand.

FitFlop Love & Hope is 5,990php. This is available in all FitFlop stores nationwide. If you buy a pair, you're already donating $20 to Habitat For Humanity! You can be a housing  habitat super hero by simply giving your feet comfyness they deserve.

Spread the LOVE AND HOPE on  BUILD Project with Habitat For Humanity!

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