Surprise Bday Paandar for the Queen (Justine Galang)

I'm not a cheesy/clingy person but since it's her Birthday , she deserves something very special on her day. And I know she's been anticipating for this! (Yes, she loves surprises and sweet gestures!) We always make "parinig" with each other: I want this on my Birthday/ Wow! This is so cute. If only my boyfriend  knows this! So why not make a collab with her boyfriend and do a "SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PAANDAR".  Remember: It’s important to find ways to surprise your close friends every now and then to remind them how special they are.

Before I share with you the details allow me to tell you something about her and little about our friendship. Aside from being the Queen of DIY, Justine is really a good friend. When I say good, it means that she's really good in all aspect! She's literally the type of friend everybody could ever ask for. She's definitely a darling and sweet at the same. She's a type of friend that will truly love you and will care for you dearly despite your imperfections as a person. I'm a rough person to deal with but our friendship sparked into something very special! We now consider each other as a sister. I'm a tough person and she's not. She's soft as a marshmallow. But that's love I guess that makes as closer. As the age-old saying has always been, “Opposites attract.”  Ayt? I'm Yin and she's Yang,  we're exactly polar opposite of each other and I think it works. Dealing with our dissimilarities cause a pain in the a**, but as we get to know each other, I have learned that it brings as closer and made us stronger.

I am really excited to share this with you, I twisted and turned my mind to find and create some good ideas that Justine will really love. So stay tuned and enjoy reading what Aloy (Justine's Bf), Third (My Bf) and I came up with. 


Justine really loves pink. Before she came up with her Blessed Queen of Justine, she named herself "PINK QUEEN".  No doubt that she's into PINK.  There's no other way to surprise a girl but with her favorite color. We decided to fill in her room with pink balloons and decorations. ( I can imagine how she's gonna cry! Hahahaha!) 

Here's the glimpse of our Paandar:

(Aloy and Justine was running errands yesterday. While Thirdie and I, plus Justine's Sissy Kitkat (Bf Arrgie) was setting things up!)

Got this from Selfie Cafe all the way from Ortigas.  (120 PHP each cheesecake)

Justine is definitely a crying baby. She cried like a baby when she entered the door with balloons on the ceiling and hearing us singing our piyok-piyok un-synced Birthday song.

 Gift of a complete happy family is what she only desire. She has a big heart for her family most especially for her mom. She's striving on her own to be successful to give back to her family. Always, always, FAMILY FIRST! (wow!) She honors GOD and her FAMILY more than anything else.

What a happy Queen right here! 

so here's my most awaited Bday message:


              I just hope I made your LOVE BANK full again, that in time that whenever you're alone you might not feel that you're not LOVED and not PRIORITIZED because I'm here and I care. May our dreams come true just right in time that we'll become a channel of blessings for others and our family. I pray to God, that He may guide you in the right path. May the Lord mightily sustain and water the seeds of dreams He planted in your heart. You know how I'm a strong believer of 1 Chronicles 4:10 - Jabez cried to the God of Israel, saying, Oh, that You would bless me and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and You would keep me from evil so it might not hurt me! And God granted his request. May Lord our God continue enlarging our territory and our horizons. May we be unstoppable in everything that we do. 

                We may be singing un-synced and no harmony, we may be doing our own things without the help of each other. I may always be  a: Taliwas friend/ Kontrapelo/Opossite friend at times. Not your BEST, friend but I promise to be your Biest-iest friend! Hahaha  But that's what makes who we are. Our friendship isn't perfect and we need to deal with it! It's the love of God that keeps us going together.

Ps: I wonder how many times you make berat with Aloy because of my phone calls! hahahaha 

Happy Birthday and I treasure and love you!

So hey you! Yes, You! If you're reading this. Pick someone you care about and take the time to plan a SURPRISE they will never forget. Make their heart full and give them memories that they will treasure for a lifetime.

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