Denim Solution for Lazy Days!

For most of us,there are so many trends and sartorial staples we consider a fashion risk. Staples and fashion ways that without careful handling could propel us dangerously into the territory of we consider "Kajologsan slash Kabaduyan". And I bet we all don't want that, ayt? But good thing that we live in an age where many of fashion's most rigid rules have fallen by the wayside, and the ban on double denim is one of them. 

Whether we’re running errands, heading to an event or going out with our friends, denim is repeatedly our solution to any and every outfit conundrum. When I'm too lazy to dress-up, double-denim is my go-to ensemble.  I can't stop wearing denim! 
I'm not even sure about what with this denim-combo that immediately tweak a lazy go-to outfit to chic and on-point outfit. Street style stars have continually introduced this combo into their everyday looks.
Sunnies: @Zaful Pink Top: @Zaful Watch: @Zaful

Share with me how  you'll style and strut this denim combo.

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