Ridin' The 90's Brown Lipstick Wave

Ask me and I'll argue to the death that the '90s were the best decade of ALL TIME. (Raise your hands and scream 90's babies!) BTW, I'm from the 90's era and I'm bias of course! (Haha!) 

Beauty trends of the decade came in many different forms, hues, shades and techniques. There were amazing sought-after "glossy lip", grunge dark shadows, glittering shimmers, highlights, matte "putok-labi" lippies plus everything in between. Hmm! How bout a Metallic eyes shadow? We've been there. Overly glossed "lilitsunin" lips? Done that. (Oh! I got mine from HBC! Haha)  Don't deny it! You were once a victim too at one point or another.

History tends to repeat itself—things which have happened in the past are bound to happen again and the saying definitely holds true in the beauty world. It's like no matter how many trends we have tried,  at the end of the day some will just flew by while other trends will stick around and will definitely wait up until the time it will be hyped and be back on the radar again. Just like the fabulous grungy '90s  nude brown lips. It's a lipstick trend that you will not probably let pass you by. 
 The browns lippies in the 90's  that our mom and aunties putting on, was pretty much a requirement for leaving the house when we're just kids. It was pretty much a history repeating itself, as the Millennials embracing the beauty of the sea of chocolate lips. They came in a variety shades, from cinnamon to dark chocolate and textures from matte to super glossy and velvety.
Naturally, all brown makeup is something I can totally get down with. It’s says "made up" without looking overdone, which is right up my alley. I'm a Morena, Bright and pink hues aren't look good on me.  I always stick to hues that compliments my skin  and BROWN is the only shade that gives me a subtle yet chic and fab look without even looking like a disaster.

The 90's brown lip trend is taking the beauty scene by storm! Stay on-trend with the best selection of browns with Creamy Matte Brown Nudes from the no. 1 lipstick franchise from Maybelline New York, Color Sensational. Burgundy Blush in number 696  is my favorite. It's a shade that has a right of a darker brown and red.

Interestingly enough, late 90s clothing styles and beauty trends are not too drastically different than they are today. Denim, chokers, croptop(s) these are the examples of 90's staples that you can see everywhere now. Trends and styles from an era never dies, they are just being recreated to slay for it's comeback!
Re-living the 90's was never that hard. Just right lip shade and eye shadows and you're good to go to Rock and ride the Era that revolutionized the fashion and beauty world. 

Let me know about trend you've been dying from the 90's Era?
How about the lipstick shade?
Would definitely love to hear your voice.

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