There'll be no stopping for Althea Korea once they start grinding. And yeah, after their successful #AltheaTurns1 online party. Here they are again dropping another bomb. 

Althea Korea has known for being a Korean Online shop that  has everything to offer, whether it be hair, makeup, skin care, or nails. It is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything beauty related.  It's the only online K-Beauty Online shop that offers a BETTER VALUE. If you think Althea Korea will stop right there, NO! NO! NO! They knew that everyone is obsessed with K-beauty products. And as the obsession grows, so to does the sheer number of products available. It will now leave us the question: Which are the best Korean beauty products on the market right now?  It’s enough to make your head spin because Althea  rounded up the TOP K-BEAUTY CREATORS to share their BEAUTY REVIEWS, MAKEUP TIPS, BEAUTY LOVE, UNBOXING,  and their  surprise unboxing of new and trendy collections.  Know more about them here.
Beauty creator Eva is the one who curated the  K-beauty box  for the month of September. A tutorial on her take to Stonem Make up look will be up soon. All the products she used will be in the box.
Luckily I was able to receive the Pink Althea box with the curated items in achieving Effy Skin Makeup look. I love the concept of this box. I'll give them a THUMBS UP for this. They made everything a lot more easier. Curated box+ Tutorial it's definitely a great deal.

Eva's box is packed with some of the most RAD  items in achieving a darker shade of eye makeup I've ever seen.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow is a well-raved retractable, angled Drawing Eye Brow. It's a dual- ended brow product that comes in 6 shades (brown, dark brown, black-brown, gray, black) to suit various skin tones and hair colors. It features a triangular- shaped pencil with a precise tip that makes application easier and can mimic hair strands for a very natural definition. It gllides smoothly, doesn't tug the skin and it's not hard to get a clean outline despite lack of a pointy tip. Uhm! I also like the Pigmentation it is just right for my liking.  It's a budget- friendly, good eye brow shaper/filler that defines your beauty arches naturally. Only for 128 Php, 78 Php for the refill.

Innisfree Powerproof came out with two types of this eyeliner: pen and brush. As always from Innisfree, packaging is very simple. It comes in 3 shades (Brown, Navy, and Khaki). It contains 0.5g of product, and is a lot smaller compared to the gel pencils. There is a shaker inside the product so the formula doesn’t settle.The product is pretty straight forward so it doesn’t come with any nifty gadgets or anything. This is the only eyeliner that does not smudge on me. (I really appreciate it!). It lasts better and is more affordable than majority of the liquid liners I've tried before.
This high quality Backstage Gel eyeliner is designed to give an intense color line. The long-lasting and waterproof thixotropic gel formula means up to 24 hour hold. Easy to apply with built in brush, causing no irritation to the eyes. You can create different looks and intensities with Tonymoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner, from natural eyeline to smoky make-up. 

I've worn this a few times now, and I find that it fades a little bit by the end of the day, but for the most part it remains intact. I experienced a bit of weird smudges/flakes or "panda eyes" from normal wear coz I have an oily eyelids. (But not a major disaste, it's just a normal amount smudging for my oily lids.) This is really great for not oily and fairer skins. Because of its water-resistent nature you will likely have trouble getting this off with regular washing, but when I used my normal makeup remover (Maybelline Micellar Makeup Remover) it come off easily and without incident. 

Innisfree Pencil EyeLiners is a multi-purposed auto eyeliner that automatically sharpens when the cap is closed  – it’s as good as new every day. It sharpens when the cap is closed and twisted, meaning that an extra sharpener is not required.  It comes in different shades that can help define sharp eyeliners. This product suits beginner as it provides you with great control and it doesn't smudge!
It's has a strong smudge proof against, sweat, tears and sebum. It contains a high moisture  preventing the evaporation. It has a Banana Style brush. It has a very cute packaging. It comes in two options: Sweet VOLUME and Sweet CURLING. I got the Sweet Curling but since I have a long lashes it doesn't give me that curling effect that I've been wanting. 

Missha Eyeshadow- With just the tip of your finger, anyone can achieve perfect eye makeup with MISSHA Shadow. Containing Argon oil, it applies softy and smoothly. With flower complex, Pearl powder, and Marine collagen ingredient, it protects the skin around eyes while providing moisture to it.Three colors are built in one container to apply with any color combination you desire.

Mono Eye Matte Eyeshadows: with a velvety texture and sophisticated shades that combines softness and comfort while remaining intense and providing good coverage.
This falsies offers three things: Natural looking lash lines! Thin faux lashes that match well with real ones! Transparent adhesive with high quality! There are so many lashes out in the market and finding the quality one is quite a bit of a challenge. Give this one a try! Loving it so much.

To sum it up I'm very happy with everything that I got from the box. I can't wait to have in my hands the other box that they'll be launching soon. Althea will surely provide you not just the latest korean products but also the latest beauty trends and craze. 

  What's your fave inside the box?

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